welcome new member with fd campaign #fillup_bankbalance start with R1000 up earn unlimited earnings after 60 days

Welcome new member

Welcome to short term plan 15 days where you earn about R700 through R500 only after sponsorship that worth R600 once off


our aim to fill up the bank balance no matter you are old member or new member this campaign will fit all and you have more chance to make unlimited cash daily.➡

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Sign up using my invite link and we’ll both receive ZAR 25.00 worth of Bitcoin when you deposit money into your Luno wallet and buy or sell Bitcoin to the value of ZAR 500.00 (Luno exchange not included)


Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook but because he had a vision in social media, he also saw the opportunity in WhatsApp and Instagram. That made him to buy Instagram and WhatsApp because the founders has never seen any future from these two social media platforms. Today almost everyone is in WhatsApp and Instagram. What I can advise you is to Join this MULTI LEVEL MARKETING whiles is still at its foundation and learn to grow with the MLM . Today we build “FD” just watch after 2 years from now , you will say if I had Join this organization from the time it started.
you better Join us now than to regret in future.


Do you know that Facebook was founded in 2004 but didn’t start making profit until 2009?

It took a whooping 5 years to start seeing profit. What if Mark Zuckerberg had quit like many do with their businesses or dreams after maybe 1 or 2 year. Probably, we all won’t be doing what we are respectively using our Facebook accounts for!

When you start up something you want and believe in, always give it TIME. One thing that keeps it’s promise always is TIME. it is divine! Even when people call you names or refuse to believe in you or mock you, let all that be your super power, go “gaga” with your dream, its your calling not theirs! No one will ever love your dream better than you.

When you stay true to what you start and stay till finish, every difficulty will eventually waiver!

I once read a post that says, “result stop insults” but I add: that is only if you don’t quit! Quitting validates all insults, mockery and negative things said about you!’!

Be courageous. Do not quit.

Being poor is very simple. Just stay where you are and watch all opportunities pass you by.
Yesterday you said Tomorrow.
Most poor people are the ones who claim to be too wise to invest into a platform that works for others
Think Success,Think Big
You can’t be poor without knowing.
Buy your future while it is still affordable
Why settle for less when you can have more by just daring to think.
A fruitful life is a result of right choices and right decisions.
Success has an address. Pls locate it!
Money refines you.
Poverty reduces your dignity.
The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It….
stay blessed 😃😇😘

Fortune Destiny is a Multi level Marketing system that is combined with a Peer to Peer which means there’s no central account, the money circulate amongst us



there are 3 different ways to make money here, firstly you create an account and verify on your email then after login you will be given 3 sponsors to pay

✔Sponsor 1 you pay R200
✔Sponsor 2 you pay R200
✔Sponsor 3 you pay R200
Once they have verified you then you will get your referral link and then you can choose from 4 packages to invest on

Plan one 15 days 40% growth
Plan two 30 days 60% growth
Plan four 45 days 80% growth
Plan five 60 days 100%growth

Minimum to start is R300
Maximum is R50,000

It does not compound, you get 10% direct referrals
Once you have referred more than 20 active members you get referral structure and able to earn from
Level 1=10%
Level 2=4%
Level 3=2%
And Bonus of R1000
There are random weekly bonuses for top recruiters

Why R600 Registration FEE?????

✔Well the R600 really helps interms of securing the system from those people that have intentions of bringing the system down #fororos

👍Without paying R600 you have no access to do anything on the system if you are InActive.
👎If there is no registration fee then those bad people have access to just PH and when they’ve been allocated then they dont pay
👎That delays the process coz the person that should be receiving the money end up waiting for nothing and now a reallocation has to be done…working backwards instead of forward

✔Another beautiful thing about this R600 is that: You can have it back as unlimited R200. ✔Meaning everytime when a person join using your link they will also be paying u R200 as well. You end up earning unlimited R200 eg from:
👍1. your baby (direct referral)
👍2. grand child; (referred by your child)
👍3. great grand child (referred by your grand child)

✔Advise your referrals to recruit thats how u will earn unlimited R200 from grand child and great grand child, coz when they register and they pay R600, one of the R200 will be paid to u
✔✔✔REMEMBER: No one is forced to recruit your can just pay registration fee and start investing. As u finish to register the 3 upliners/sponsors that u will pay R200 each their banking details and contact numbers are on the Dashboard.

👍Upliners/Sponsors are:
✔1-YOU (you referred the person to the FD)
✔2-YOUR SPONSOR (still earning for his grand child)
✔3- YOUR SPONSORS SPONSOR (still earning for great grand child)

👍👍So if you are MONEY HUNGRY and willing to recruit thats when you will be earning unlimited R200 everyday
👍👍The more you recruit the more R200 your earn. YOUR registration fee of R200 can be back to you on the same day and more and more R200.
👍👍You can even take from those R200 maybe a R500 or R1000 and invest it…you see that investment did not come from your own pocket

✔As I always say:
💪💪Its proven and recognised that Fortune Destiny is the best platform in 2018

💪💪Its a FACT: FD ROCKS!!!

✔PS: First time I heard about this quote was in one of the presentations that I attended, I always make sure that I leave the presentation with something to empower myself and that is:

👌👌The 3 C’s of life:
💪💪You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change 👌✊💪